Learn how to effortlessly achieve your desired goals with 10X productivity, even if you are the

Laziest Person In The World

This 21 days action-oriented transformation Program will take you through 7 stages of building Confidence, Consistency and Clarity with 10X Productivity.

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We Ain’t Any BULLSHIT Course

Community of executors
Community of executors
Community of executors
Community of executors

How this program works ?

Daily Tasks

You’ll get daily tasks for span of over 3 weeks focusing on building a productive lifestyle.. 


You’ll report all tasks inside the WhatsApp group before the given deadline. That’s where we monitor your growth for next 21 days.


The founders of Community Of Executors themselves will review your tasks and guide you to improve further.

Weekly Meetings

We will have 2 Group meetings & 2 webinars in coming 21 days, which will help you in connecting, learning & networking with fellow participants, with few

“BOOM” surprises.

All tasks in this program are specially designed for all hustlers, entrepreneurs, students, Marketers, even the Vella Guys/Girls who don’t have any Goals or Vision, but are willing to be more ” Productive, Confident, Self-aware, Consistent and more dedicated to their Goals with growth mindset “

The BAD NEWS is :

Road To Execution is not for everyone

  • It’s not for that person who don’t wish to work for their goals.
  • It’s not for “Wantrepreneurs” who are happy procrastinating.
  • It’s not for people who rely on External Motivation.
  • It’s not for someone who are happy being unproductive.
  • It’s not for those bubble kids, who don’t wish to come out of their comfort zones.

The GOOD NEWS is :

  • It’s for Hustlers, who wish to be consistent in what they do.
  • It’s for Procrastinator who want clear vision with growth mindset.
  • It’s for Entrepreneurs, who wish to increase their productivity to 10X.
  • It’s for aspiring speakers who wish to gain confidence.
  • It’s for you if you want to come out of your comfort zone and develop your skills.
  • It’s for 9 to 5 employee who wants to start their side hustle.

In a nutshell, its for everyone who are ready to put in their efforts to transform themselves from a Procrastinator to an Executor.

Listen to them

” I am more self-awared & goal oriented now…. ”

-Shridul Sethi

” I don’t procrastinate anymore….”

-Disha Kharbanda

” I never saw a community like this…”

-Sampriti Roy

” Much better than any paid program…”

-Vikas Chenna


You’ll Gain in 3 weeks-

Growth Mindset

10X Productivity



Clear Strategy (to achieve your short term goals)


Like Minded Network of People

Clear Goals & Vision

Skill Development


You’ll loose in 3 weeks-


Comfort Zone

Introvert Nature

Narrow Mindset



Old work Habits

Hear them Out

” I got like-minded network..”

-Yug Gupta

” I overcame my overthinking & procrastination…”

-Mainak Banarjee

“R2E transformed me..”

-Shraddha tripathi

” My productivity increased by 80%…”

-Mohit Shinde

Still not Convinced ? Look Here

  • [ BONUS #1 ] 1-on-1 Mentorship Sessions
  • [ BONUS #2 ] A network of people from different domains who are 24*7 there to help you out in anything & everything
  • [ BONUS #3 ] FREE Books, Tools & other resources
  • [ BONUS #4 ] Long term & Short Term Goals Strategy Worksheet
  • [ BONUS #5 ] Secret Productivity Hacks
  • [ BONUS #6 ] SURPRISE WEBINAR { just for you }
  • [ BONUS #7 ] Chance to be part of our Elite Community – Community of Executors

About the Trainers

Heyy people, I am Digivel Mohit.

I have always been a lazy & procrastinating kid in anything I do, then decided to step out of my comfort zone and here we are.

  • I was a CA student for 5 years, however, dropped out after self-realising what I really want to achieve.
  • After that, started my journey of creating content on Social Media to build a strong personal brand.
  • I worked on my procrastinative & inconsistent habits, hence, developed & found some productivity hacks to overcome the same.
  • I started my Podcast Show & Collaborated with big influencers like Avi Arya, Asad Shah, Rohan Chaubey, etc.
  • Finally, started the “Community of Executors”, where many procrastinators have been transformed into Executors.

I am excited to share the same Tips & Secret Productivity Hacks which helped me transform from a guy who “slept 12 hrs a day” to a guy who is “working 16-hrs a day”.

Excited? Will see you inside on a roller coaster journey. Aajao.

Mohit Soni

Harsh shrma

Hi guys, Harsh Sharma this side. I am from New Delhi,India.

I was a super introvert kid at school who decided to change how world perceive him & in order to achieve that i went on a journey of self-growth.

  • I started my first venture at age of 17, that was my YouTube channel. & I shut it down after 2 months.
  • After that Unknowingly, I started my journey with network marketing where i made sales of 20.3 lakh.
  • I mentored over 200+ college students being Executive manager of the Company.
  • I also ran my digital marketing agency “the web mantra”.
  • By far, me & my team have worked with famous influencers like Waqas Hassn & Shivam Ahuja.

In last 2.5 years, I did nothing except working my ass off to gain knowledge, skills & experience and I’m gonna share this knowledge inside this 21 days program. I won’t teach you what to work but “how to work?”. I assume if you read this far, l’ll meet you inside the workshop.

WEEK 1: Unlocking Consciousness

  • Setting clear vision of your destination
  • Framing the desired “YOU
  • Blocking disturbances
  • Getting out of toxic patterns
  • Finding out your strong points
  • Discover your current potential

WEEK 2: Killing Comfort Zones

  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Finding out your “WHY”
  • Maintaining consistency
  • Investing emotions in desired self
  • Breaking your mental barriers
  • Expressing yourself : Networking
  • Gaining confidence
  • Week 2 is best for Introverts

WEEK 3: Playing at Beast mode

  • Making valuable Connections
  • Getting productivity hacks
  • Turning your Beast mode ON
  • Creating new potential
  • Achieving perfect ecosystem for your Growth
  • 3-step productivity booster” E-book worth 999
  • Chance to be a part of COMMUNITY OF EXECUTOR

Aur testimonials Chahiye…?

” R2E made me fearless…”

-Rishita Arora

” Better than any workshop/program…”


Frequently Asked questions ( FAQ )

We can’t reveal the tasks. All I can say is, those tasks are specifically designed to increase your productivity with consistency & confidence to achieve the growth mindset.
The first task takes a bit longer and rest of the tasks will take hardly 15 mins to 1 hour.
No, you can continue your daily work along with the tasks
There are some set of rules inside the program. If you break any, you will be removed from the group.
No, anyone who wish to be more PRODUCTIVE & CONSISTENT can join the program.
In Road to Execution, we will monitor your growth and you’ll yourself see your dropping level of procrastination and rising level of productivity. Also, after 21 days, I’ll ask you same question, we will hear what you say.
This program is action oriented and all the tasks given will help you achieve productive lifestyle. You gonna loose that years of procrastination in 21 days. And this is not any click-bait.
We don’t believe in External Motivation. Our tasks are enough to transform you. We don’t fuel up your cars with our words. Our Tasks are enough to change the whole engine.
We have a specific reporting format which keeps the record of your tasks. Also, along with our Founders, Our backend team will keep an eyes on your tasks and activities
Road to Execution is the program where you get transformed from a procrastinator to an Executor. Community of Executors is the family of those executors who proved their worth in 3-weeks of Road to Execution.
How long have you been procrastinating or being inconsistent? 1 year/ 2 year/ whole life? It takes time to adopt a new habit, 21 days are perfect in that case.
We already know, we gonna give you back worth the price you are paying, in the first meeting itself. Still we kept it low to make it reach a large no. of audience, so that more people get benefited from it.

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